Every beer counts.

Tapped by Otherside is a grants program run by Otherside Brewing Co. designed to help local creatives take their career to the next level. We put a little bit aside from every Otherside beer sold towards Tapped, which is awarded to musos, film makers, visual artists and other creatives to help them hit their goals, whether that’s touring Australia, showing at an art gallery or taking a trip to SXSW music festival.

Tapped by Otherside was established in 2015 and has invested in a heap of emerging musical and creative talent since then. Past winners include musician Stella Donnelly, band manager Kelsie Miller, film-maker Tom de Souza and many more. Check out our blog for all the winners and their stories.

But we like to keep looking forward! We want to keep the tap flowing and Otherside has committed $60,000 in funding to our 2018/19 Tapped campaign, which we’ve just launched.

Tapped by Otherside  Band Manager Grant winner Kelsie Miller

Tapped by Otherside Band Manager Grant winner Kelsie Miller


Otherside Brewing Co. has committed $60,000 to the Tapped by Otherside program in 2018/19. There’s $20,000 in grants available for the first campaign, which has just launched. This time around we’ve got some help from Pozible to run a match funding campaign. That’s where campaigners crowd fund from fans, friends and family, and we match the best fundraisers dollar for dollar up to a certain amount. Here’s how it works:

  • Artists, musos and performers will apply on the Tapped by Otherside website to register a Pozible campaign. Don’t worry, it’s just a short web form. You can do this now!

  • Once your application is approved you’ll need to start setting up your Pozible campaign, this is where the fun starts. Pozible has some excellent resources on how to set up the best campaign possible. Click here to view them. Remember, you need to set up a campaign that will raise you the most money as quickly as possible, so take some advice from the experts!

  • On 7 November the campaigns are launched, and the fundraising begins!

  • On 26 November campaigns close and we’ll announce the grant winners.

  • You win, you tour, you tell us how it goes! We want to keep up to date with how you use your grant and we’ll post updates on our website and socials.

Click here for the full terms and conditions.

Available grants

Australian Music Tour Grant fundraising goal $2,500

This one is for the musos. We know how far away everything is from WA, so we want to help you make the trip for that national tour. There are six grants available, three of $2,500 and three of $1,500.

Applicants will fundraise to hit the goal target of $2,500. The first three to hit it will get a grant of $2,500 and the next three $1,500.

Creative Industries Grant fundraising goal $2,000

It’s not all about the music! We want to support all creative pursuits, whether you want to host an art exhibition, direct a film or take your circus act to the east coast, we have some grants to help you get there.

Artists applying for the grants need to fundraise to the goal amount of $2,000. The first three to hit the goal will be awarded a $2,000 grant, and the next two a $1,000 grant.

Important dates & DETAILS

  • 11 Oct: Tapped by Otherside October 2018 launches and you can apply on the Tapped website

  • 31 Oct: Application deadline

  • 31 Oct - 14 Nov: You work on making a killer crowdfunding campaign. Check out Pozible’s crowd funding resources here.

  • 14 Nov: Pozible crowd funding campaigns launch

  • 3 Dec: Crowd Funding Campaigns close

  • 4 Dec: Winners announced!

Have any questions? contact us at hello@tappedbyotherside.com