ABOUT tapped



Western Australia has long been a breeding ground for CREATIVE exports and top notch brews.

local company Otherside Brewing Co. has combined both for the greater good. Tapped By Otherside is a cultural initiative helping WEST Australian creatives take their CAREERS further.

The idea is simple. A toast of Otherside, is a toast in support of the West Australian creative industries, with every beer sold increasing the Tapped by Otherside grants fund to help fund musicians, film makers, visual artists and the professionals who help them behind the scenes.

Established in 2015, Tapped by Otherside, invests in the development of emerging musical and creative talent and artists through a range of grants.

According to Otherside Brewing Co. director David Chitty, Tapped By Otherside is strongly invested in supporting local creative talent and looks forward to further extending its granting program.

“As we’ve grown as a brewery, we’ve been able to invest more into Tapped by Otherside to support new, dynamic talent and programs and support the growth of this sector.
“Every beer we sell increases the Tapped by Otherside grants fund and with growing sales we have been able to top up and expand the program. So all of those that have enjoyed an Otherside brew or two along the way have played a part in supporting WA’s creative industries.

About Otherside Brewing Co.

Born in Fremantle, Australia – the birthplace of Australian craft brewing – Otherside began life at a music festival. No one remembers who said it, but all agreed: “Imagine if we could ‘can’ this feeling.” So, Otherside was born. Our beers are pretty straightforward, brewed with the best ingredients and naturally preservative-free. To learn more about Otherside Brewing Co.’s story and beers, head to othersidebrewing.com.au.